A Dream Come True

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

I can hear your heart
Pounding in my ear
Now I feel the sound
And the time is near
I feel the taste
Of all the things you do
Now the time has come
I know you're a dream come true

You make me so complete
With the things you do
And the music's sweet
You make me feel brand new
I hear the sound
Songs started coming through
Somehow I know
That you're a dream come true

And it takes my breath when it sounds that way
Seems like you chase the clouds away
And I feel so good each and every day
And life is good each and every way

Now I feel the beat of the dancing drums
And now I know we're gonna have some fun
Now the time stands still
And the blues are through
And now I know what I'm gonna do

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