Across the River Thames

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

Good taste at times I‘ve sometimes lacked
I won’t deny the truth
I got dressed up as Donald Duck
Making up for my repressed youth
Disco balls and spandex pants
On questionable friends
Disco died but the fog still rolled across the River Thames

Snarling they just came along
And cut us to the quick
Called us a bunch of dinosaurs
And give us a load of stick
Told us that the times was changing
And all good things must end
But I’m still here and the fog still rolls across the River Thames

Nelson’s on his column
Ravens are in the Tower
Big Ben’s never lost his voice
Chimes on every hour
And the fog still rolls off the River Thames
The forecast calls for a little rain
London Bridge ain’t falling down
And some things never change

The black-faced boys were holding tight
And Thatcher’s in a noose
Hair got teased beyond belief
In the age of the golden goose
The new romantics claimed the throne
And we were wondering when
But they lost their crown and the fog still rolled across the River Thames

Big bold letters screaming out
A scandal in the house
Dogs without their vocal chords
And careers going south
What the eye can’t see the eye invents
The truth was meant to bend
But nothing changed and the fog still rolled across the River Thames


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