And The House Fell Down

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

The sun is up and the shades are all pulled down
I’m more paranoid with every little sound
Like the leaf blower blowin’ the leaves around
And a siren wailing on the other side of town

Oh the TV’s on and the colors really hurt my head
If I could think straight I’d wish that I was dead
Or curled up naked in my lover’s bed
Instead I’m hanging over hell suspended by a single thread

And I don’t recall who said it at this time
That “Your enemies grow strong on what you leave behind”
I built it up and the wolf he came around
He huffed and puffed
And the house fell down

With a rolled up note I’m hovering on that line
Three days on a diet of cocaine and wine
And a little weed just to level me sometimes
I put the clock in the drawer ‘cause I’ve cancelled out the time

So don’t knock on my door, don’t try to call
I’m holed up in this room talking to the wall
When you’re high as this you think you know it all
When you’re this deep in there’s no place else to fall


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