Between Seventeen And Twenty

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

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I wonder who’s sleeping in your sheets tonight,
Whose head rests upon the bed
Could it be a close friend I knew so well.
Who seems to be so close to you instead, so close to you instead.

I’m blue tonight, I’m red when I’m mad.
I’m green when I’m jealous, yellow when I’m sad,
I guess I can’t have everything,
So much has flown between the years when
I was twenty oh and you were seventeen.

And if I shower around 3 a.m.
It’s just to wash away
The trace of a love unwanted
Oh in the times I went astray,
The times I went astray.

So out of choice I chose rock and roll
But it pushed me to the limit everyday,
It turned me into a gypsy, kept me away from home
From there on, there seemed no use for you -
For you to stay.


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