Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

You had your grand illusion and wrestled with your fate,
The winter of your discontent came twenty years too late,
If it was love and I was there I’ve forgotten where it lives,
We both stepped off a frozen rock onto a burning bridge

You came like an invasion all bells and whistles blowin’,
Reaping the rewards of the fable you’d been sowing,
I saw you cross the landing and descending marble stairs
Like Caesar crossed the Rubicon you seemed to walk on air

Yea I’ve seen your movie,
And I read it in your book,
The truth just flew off every page,
Your songs have all the hooks,
You’re seven wonders rolled in one,
You shifted gear to cruise,
Oh you came to town in headlines,
And eight hundred dollar shoes

Oh the bellboys are crying and money’s changing hands,
Your cloak and dagger legacy’s gone home to no man’s land,
The marquee lights are flickering your poster’s fading fast,
Your being here just melts away like ice cubes in a glass

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