Grow Some Funk Of Your Own

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

Well I looked at my watch and it said a quarter to five
The headlines screamed that I was still alive
I couldn’t understand it
I thought I died last night.

I dreamed I’d been in a border town
In a little cantina that the boys had found,
I was desperate to dance
Just to dig the local sounds.

When along came a señorita
She looked so good that I had to meet her
I was ready to approach her
With my English charm,
When her brass-knuckled boyfriend
Grabbed my by the arm.

And he said grow some funk of your own, amigo
Grow some funk of your own
We no like to with the gringo fight,
But there might be a death in Mexico tonight
If you can’t grow some funk of your own, amigo,
Grow some funk of your own
Take my advice, take the next flight,
And grow some funk, grow your funk at home.

Well I looked for support from the rest of my friends
For their vanishing trick they get ten out of ten
I knelt to pray
Just to see if he would comprehend.


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