Elton John a Bernie Taupin

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Hello, baby, hello,
Haven’t seen your face for a while;
Have you quit doing time for me,
Or are you still the same spoilt child?

Hello, I said hello,
Is this the only place you thought to go?
Am I the only man you ever had,
Or am I just the last surviving friend that you know?

Harmony and me
We’re pretty good company;
Looking for an island
In our boat upon the sea.
Harmony, gee I really love you,
And I want to love you forever
And dream of the never, never, never leaving Harmony.

Hello, baby, hello,
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow;
You’re not unlucky knowing me,
Keeping the speed real slow;
In any case I set my own pace
By stealing the show, say hello, hello.

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