Hearts Have Turned to Stone

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

I'm out here in the darkness
I hear the howling wind
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Will I ever see love again
Looking for an answer
Not an easy thing to find
Out here in the wilderness
With questions on my mind

Now the sun is rising higher in the sky
The morning light is crawling
From the darkness of the night
The raindrops keep on falling
There is no light of day
The sadness deep inside me
Doesn't seem to go away

And there's no way out, no road home
I'm lost in doubt and I'm all alone
The time has come
When love is done
Hearts have finally turned to stone

No more bright tomorrow, only sad today
My heart is filled with sorrow
The pain won't go away
Try to keep from crying
All night long and through the day
Lost and all alone
Hearts have finally turned to stone

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