Hey Ahab

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

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It’s a constant struggle getting up that hill,
There’s a change of guard every day,
When you’re clinging onto a driftwood boat,
You pray a great white whale might come your way

No freeway traffic in the frozen North,
Just a chain link fence full of birds,
And when the harpoon’s loaded in the cannon bay,
You’ll be rolling through the pages lost for words

Hey Ahab can you tell me where
I can catch a ride out of here,
Hey Ahab hoist that sail,
You gotta stand up straight,
When you ride that whale

In a crumbling city we were trapped for days,
With a broken sun above the clouds,
Caught like Jonah forty fathoms down
And a sign on the wall says “Hope Allowed”

All the cryptic symbols carved on bone,
A far cry from a tattooed rose,
And when the boys in the rigging catch the wind
We’ll all weigh anchor and it’s westward ho

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