In Neon

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

Lipstick and lashes, the traces of stardom
Lit up on a billboard so everyone sees them in neon
Behind a counter she stares out the window
Up at the billboard that’s like a reminder in neon

She hates how she feels but she hangs like a mirror
Maybe a stranger could walk in and see her in neon
For two cents of danger she’d trust anybody
She’d smoke like a gun if it meant she might wind up –

In neon the dreams in the light of a promise that dies
A shimmering city, a glimmer of hope and a lie
In neon the name’s gone there’s no reason why anymore
Trust them and wind up alone behind a locked door

In neon, in neon…

Pictures and patterns, the touches of glamour
Cut into fashion that flashes above ‘em in neon
A hot cup of coffee held in her fingers
A perfect complexion that lingers above her in neon


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