Jimmie Rodgers' Dream

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

I'm looking at a funeral wagon rolling down
A two-lane highway winding past a desert town
A big blue canvas painted by the Master's hand
The shifting clouds above and endless miles of sand
In that mirror maybe that's what's left of me
Wheezing like a freight train hauling sixty tons of steel
Air ‚em out‘s the best release and get some rest
Carrie don't wait up for me the brakeman's go­ing West

In this room all alone I dream of you
In this drawer I found someone I never knew
Now I pop a top and stay up late with Gideon
And fall asleep to visions of Meridian

I've seen dusty beaten delta boys cutting heads
A black face carney showman scare a song to death
In my short life I've seen as much as most men need
I'm just looking for some cleaner air to breathe

Far away, far away
So many years, so many days
All along this broken land
I've seen a lover's empty arms
And hunger's empty hand

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