Midnight Creeper

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

Walk a mile in my tennis shoes,
Tina Turner gave me the highway blues,
But I don’t love nobody but you, honey.

I’m true rat for the things I done,
Second cousin to a son of a gun,
I’m gonna wipe out your mama if she puts me on, honey.

‘Cause I’m a midnight creeper,
Ain’t gonna lose no sleep over you.
When there’s a nightmare, I’m there,
Tempting you to blow a fuse.

Well, there’s no more sleepin’
When I’m midnight creepin’ over you,
Watch out, honey, watch out, honey,
Watch the things you do.

Long-haired ladies, well they look so fine
Locked in my cellar full of cheap red wine,
But I don’t think those ladies, they really mind, honey.

I still don’t know why you hate me so,
A little bit of fun never stopped no show,
Well, I just want to loosen up my soul, honey.

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