My Kind Of Hell

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

Your hot coffee and my black tea
I don't know about that
I guess we choose to disagree
But I like your pork pie hat
Well your sister always came between us
Claiming she knew best
But she hitched her wagon to a diplomat
And she moved to Bucharest
While we just go around and round
Like a dull thud in a bell

Oh I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell
Oh I can't say I ever liked you much
But you're my kind of hell

Peddlers filled the New York streets
Selling watches from a tray
The thief in you said it's no sin
Hell they stole them anyway
We were living cheap in an old hotel
Eating rice and beans
Staying up late talking politics
With a couple of Times Square queens
But we just turned the heat up on
The stories we could tell

An island somewhere in the sun
Was always on my mind
But you tanned from the inside out
Driking cocoa butter wine
While you sold your past like Baptist fire
I was making plans to leave
But you trapped me as that ball just fell
On another New Year's Eve
So I gave it up for what it's worth
And crawled into your shell


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