Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Made In England (1995)

  1. Believe (4:55)
  2. Made in England (5:09)
  3. House (4:27)
  4. Cold (5:37)
  5. Pain (3:49)
  6. Přeloženo do češtiny Belfast (6:29)
  7. Latitude (3:34)
  8. Please (3:52)
  9. Man (5:16)
  10. Přeloženo do češtiny Lies (5:25)
  11. Blessed (5:01)

Text písně

What’s your name?
My name is pain
Where do you live?
I live anyplace
Where were you born?
In the state of fear
How old are you?
Nineteen hundred
and ninety-four years

What’s your plan?
My plan is pain
When will you leave?
I’ll never go away
How will you breathe?
You’ll give me life
How will you see?
Sitting in the temple
Right between your eyes

My name is pain
You belong to me
You’re all I ever wanted
I’m all you’ll ever be
From the beginning
In a World without end
I am the air
I am pain

Pain is love
Pain is pure
Pain is sickness
Pain is the cure
Pain is death
Pain is the religion
Pain is life
Pain is television
Pain walks
Pain crawls
Pain is peace
Pain is war


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