Postcards from Richard Nixon

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

Text písně

We heard Richard Nixon say, “Welcome to the USA”
The common sense I sometimes lack
Has opened up a seismic crack
We’ve fallen in and I can’t pull back
And I guess we’ll have to stay

In open arms we put our trust they put us on a big red bus
Twin spirits soaking up a dream
Fuel to feed the press machine
After years that were long and lean
We’re finally on our way

And Richard Nixon’s on his knees he’s sent so many overseas
He’d like to know if you and me could help him in some way
A little camouflage and glue to mask the evil that men do
A small diversion caused by two
Pale kids come to play
And we heard Richard Nixon say, “Welcome to the USA”

Neither of us understood the way things ticked in Hollywood
We just loaded in and grabbed the bat
With little room to swing a cat
And pretty soon we were “Where it’s at”
Or so the papers say

And all around us suntanned teens, beauty like we’d never seen
Our heroes led us by the hand
Through Brian Wilson’s promised land
Where Disney’s God and he commands
Both mice and men to stay

In a bright red Porsche on Sunset I saw Steve McQueen
I guess he’s just about the coolest guy I’ve ever seen
And for you and me that speeding car is how it’s going to be
I see no brakes just open road and lots of gasoline

Pale kids come to play
And we heard Richard Nixon say, “I’ve gotta go but you can stay”


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