Sartorial Eloquence

Elton John a Gary Osborne

Text písně

You've a certain sartorial eloquence
And a style that's almost of your own
You've got the knack of being so laid-back
It's like talking to the great Unknown
You've got a self-sufficient swept-back hairdo
Pretty certain that you've got it made
Oh your life-style shows in the clothes you chose
Sitting pretty in the masquerade

Sing it
Don't you wanna play this game no more
Don't you wanna play no more

You remain the only main contender
Though you never, you never meant to lose at all
Down at the mouth yet unsurrounded
Adamant before the fall

Though when you go you know I might be lonesome
But I'll keep it under close control
Go and get your kicks and babe let's call it quits
I believe I'm feeling indisposed


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