Shooting Star

Elton John a Gary Osborne

A Single Man (1978)

  1. Přeloženo do češtiny Shine On Through (3:45)
  2. Return To Paradise (4:15)
  3. I Don't Care (4:23)
  4. Big Dipper (4:04)
  5. It Ain't Gonna Be Easy (8:27)
  6. Part-Time Love (3:16)
  7. Georgia (4:50)
  8. Shooting Star (2:44)
  9. Madness (5:53)
  10. Reverie (0.53)
  11. Song For Guy (6:35)

Text písně

I'm still in love with you oh shooting star
And when I start to wonder where you are
There you are – there you are – shooting star

You may have seen me at the early show
I sat and watched you from the second row
Oh you were mine – long ago – way back when
Even then – we both knew – you'd go far – oh shooting star

And with the spotlight shining in your eyes
It's sometimes hard to find your way
But maybe some night, you might
Think of me – shooting star
And when that moment comes at last
And you remember who you are
Here I'll be – shooting star
Shooting star – here I'll be


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