Street Kids

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

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They must have had the whole thing planned
There must have been a hundred,
If we make a stand
I think we'll be outnumbered
If I'd had the chance
Then I could understand
Why I'm a juvenile delinquent
In an East End gang.

And if you think you've seen gasoline
Burnin’ in my eyes
Don't be alarmed
Tell yourself
It's good to be – it's good to be alive

It's just another street kid on your tail
Running on the wrong side of the rails
With my boot lace tie and my hand-me-downs
I run the toughest bunch this side of town
Those street kids makin’ news just being around.

I've been Bottled and been Brained
Squealers can't be trusted,
If we fight tonight
You can bet we'll all be busted.
I'd like to break away from the rut I'm in
But beggars can't be choosers
I was born to sin.


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