When Love Is Dying

Elton John a Bernie Taupin

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They say we bruise too easily
I don't know if it's that way for me
I've seen ‚em come, I‘ve seen ‚em go
I‘ve seen everyone I know
Fall in and out of love
It's just the way it goes

Word is out, silence seems so loud
There's no light above or below me now
I've seen it grow, I've seen it live
I've seen everything I give
Falling out my hands, no matter who I'm with

And nobody ever tells you
When love is dying, when love is dying
It just gets a little colder
And we stop trying, we stop trying
Yeah, we stop trying
Oh, when love is dying

There's a pain you never can explain
It cuts so deep time and time again
I felt it then, I feel it now
But nobody told me how
To fight a world of hurt
Somebody help me now

But love never gets to show you
And I never got to know you
No we never stood a chance
When love was dying
No and love never makes it easy
And I never got that feeling
No we never stood a chance
When love was dying

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